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Once More With Feeling – Episode 8 – The Puppet Show


The watchers gathered for The Puppet Show. Someone killed the ballerina, and Sunnydale staff is just so done with dead students.


Who’s the bad guy? Is it the creepy puppet? His owner? The scary new ferengi principal? Or one of the other talentless talent show entrants Gile’s has been forced to corral?

IMDB Full Synopsis

Director: Ellen S. Pressman

Writer: Rob Des Hotel, Dean Batali

Air Date: May 5, 1997

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OMWF – Episode 7 – I, Robot… You, Jane

Do you love me?

The watchers gathered to watch Willow get catfished by an ancient demon trapped in a book then released into the terrifying wilds of 1997’s internet.

This episode introduced Miss Calendar – the technopagan – as the computer teacher and Gile’s love interest.

In addition to the episode, we talk about wardrobe (our own and the show), that Xander is growing into the character we remember loving, the BS book v computer debate and the BS ‘dangers of the internet’ theme that kept popping up in the 90’s.

IMDB Full Synopsis

Directed by: Stephen L. Posey

Written by: Ashley Gable & Thomas A. Swyden

Airdate: April 28, 1997

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Once More With Feeling – Episode 6 – Angel

angel and joyce

The Watchers gathered for Angel – the mythology episode that revealed Angel’s vampiric truth.

We discuss racial slurs, proper semi-automatic pistol firing technique, Hamilton (but, c’mon. I mean… we always discuss Hamilton), 90’s fashion (another thing we always do), Problematic Xander is problematic, why Angel doesn’t tell Buffy that Darla has permission to come into her house, and how it’s hard to take Neidermeyer seriously as the Master (spoiler – it’s cause he’s Neidermeyer


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Im a creeper
I’m a creeper

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OMWF – Episode 5 – The Pack

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Xander got hot all of a sudden.

We talk about the attraction of bad boys, the non-benefits of forgetting, and whether lines where crossed by Xander.

Willow is still smart, Buffy is kind, and when not possessed by an evil hyena spirit, Xander is good.

To listen or download this episode, click here: The Pack

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OMWF – Ep 4 – Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

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“The Five will die, and from their ashes the Anointed shall rise.”

…but in the meantime, Buffy has a date and none of the men in her life are OK with it.

Conversation topics include Sunnydale High’s dress code, which Hogwart’s houses the Scooby Gang would belong to, which Hogwart’s houses the Watchers would belong to, remaining friends after a break up, and whether Owen should have just joined up with the Scooby Gang.

Also, we should really learn to listen to each other more and be good allies and people worthy of having an ally.


Also, SMG is super short.

Click here to listen or download this episode: Ep 4 – Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

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OMWF – Teachers Pet

teachers pet
(this is inappropriate)

The Watchers discuss Teacher’s Pet. A new teacher comes in to teach biology, and she plans to teach Xander a LOT about biology. In this episode the Watchers discuss the difficulties of being a teenager, including the stigma attached to virginity, Angel’s bizarre devotion to being cryptic, The Jacket, and a lot of talk about Xander’s character.

This is SUPER inappropriate

Also in this episode – it’s super important to listen to each other. The more you know…

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